It’s National Endangered Species Day!

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(CNN) Friday, May 17th is National Endangered Species Day!

Its an Opportunity for people of all ages all over the country to learn about protecting wildlife and wild places.

The U.S. Congress started the holiday in 2006

To take part in Activities, check out your local zoos, aquariums, wildlife refuges, botanical gardens, museums and other places for special talks, exhibits, and tours.

It’s celebrated on the third Friday in May and throughout the month.

The Environmental Protection Agency says there are more than 13 hundred endangered or threatened species in the U.S. today.

That includes both plants and animals that have become so rare, extinction is a very real possibility.

To help bring attention to the protection of imperiled species, the endangered species coalition is encouraging people to tweet concerns to their local officials.

Enjoy this view of the Georgia Aquarium 

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