FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WIAT) — The mother of a Fairfield infant who was kidnapped Tuesday afternoon spoke out about the arrest of a suspect after she was reunited with her child.

“I try not to cry because every time I close my eyes, I think about the same thing. She took my baby,” said Brionna Washington, the child’s mother.

Kamarion Taylor was just 4 days old when he was reported missing from his family’s home in Fairfield.

Lakesha Brown, 37, was booked into jail on a first degree kidnapping charge.

Washington said she was school classmates with one of Browns’ family members growing up. According to Washington, the families lost touch years ago, but she believes Brown recently resurfaced after learning Washington was pregnant with a boy.

“After I had my baby, she was at my house every day, constantly,” said Washington.

Since Washington’s family knew Brown from years ago, she said she did not think she had any reason to be concerned.

Washington told CBS 42 that Brown even helped her get Kamarion to a doctors appointment Tuesday. Washington said when they returned, Brown encouraged her to take prescribed medication for stomach pains she was having after her pregnancy.

“She was telling me to take two of them because it was going to help the pain, so I ended up doing that and the next thing I knew, I was out,” said Washington.

After waking up, Washington said she realized her child and Brown were both gone. She immediately called police, who began a search.

The infant was located at an undisclosed location and then was reunited with Washington.

After a missing child alert was issued, Washington said she began to receive tips from people on social media who reported seeing a photo of the infant being held by another woman.

“Apparently, when she was at my house, she was taking pictures of my baby and sending them to a man, telling him that was his baby. She sent the man pictures of my stomach when I was pregnant saying that she was pregnant,” said Washington.

A spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office could not confirm or deny the family’s accounts. Detectives are aware of social media photos that show a woman holding Kamarion, but the investigation continues.

Washington worries what might have happened without the help from law enforcement and neighbors.

“I was in the house the whole time just crying. Next thing I knew they came and told me your baby is OK. They found him. They showed me a picture of him, and it was him. She actually changed my baby’s clothes and put him in clothes with another child’s name on it,” said Washington.

While Brown is facing a charge of first degree kidnapping, additional charges are possible depending on the results of the investigation.

After the emotional reunion Tuesday night, Washington is grateful for her neighbors and friends.

“I really want to thank a lot of people, because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have found my baby, because most people were sharing on Facebook, sharing on Instagram,” Washington continued. “I am very, very, very blessed because I got my baby back, because most people don’t get their baby back that fast. I got my baby back the same day, hours after he was gone.”

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