HOMEWOOD, Ala, (WIAT) — Happening today, injured Ukrainian soldiers will spend their last day at the Lakeshore Foundation before journeying back home.

The two soldiers who lost multiple limbs at war have been here over the last week learning how to stay active in changed bodies.

Lakeshore Foundation partnered with a Florida non-profit corporation called Revived Soldiers Ukraine who provided rehabilitation services for soldiers Mykhailo “Misha” Varvarych and Andrii Nasada.

Lakeshore is providing resources for the soldiers to help them stay independent in modified ways. Varvarych and Nasada lost both of their legs last year while fighting during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Following rehabilitation in Florida, the Lakeshore Foundation has helped the soldiers find ways to stay active through riding arm bikes, tennis, swimming and more.

“It’s just, like, so many different activities, and they are excited because they can understand what they can do in the future and how they can improve their physical skills,” said Ira Mokrytska, a translator for the soldiers.

Both soldiers expressed gratitude for the support they’ve received from America as the war in Ukraine continues.

It made me realize how much access we have, and I know that but when you really see it through someone else’s eyes, it’s an amazing experience,” said Lakeshore Foundation’s Fitness Director, Carol Kutik.

Varvarych and Nasada said they aspire to be an example of hope for others back home.

“You can still practice, and you can succeed if you will do something,” Mokrytska translated. “You just don’t need to sit and, you know, complain about your life. You just need to do something.”

Both soldiers say their experience at Lakeshore was inspiring.

“They are very thankful and hopefully they will share this experience with other Ukrainian soldiers and maybe, who knows, maybe they will open their own Lakeshore Ukraine,” Mokrytska translated.

After their time at Lakeshore, Varvarych said he plans to go to back to Florida to receive adjustments to his prosthetic legs.

Nasada said he will travel to Chicago to receive a prosthetic eye in addition to prosthetic leg adjustments. Then both soldiers said they plan to take what they’ve learned and move back home to Ukraine.