Indianapolis man stranded in Alabama lies to law enforcement, still gets home safe with help from officers

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Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Law enforcement agencies across the state worked together this weekend to get a stranded man home to Indianapolis. The man gave a name, said his dad died in 9/11, and his mom only had one leg… which all turned out to be a lie.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office posted the story to Facebook on Monday, explaining the situation from the Fourth of July.

The man told law enforcement officers his name was Willinaus Bolin. He said he was autistic, from Indianapolis, and was riding with friends down to Florida when they pushed him out of the car, robbed him at a gas station, and left him stranded in Montgomery.

According to MCSO, officers with the Montgomery Police Department met up with Bolin tried to get in touch with his family in Indianapolis without success. Officers then transported him to a Waffle House in Vestavia Hills and VHPD tried to buy a bus ticket and flight for Bolin, but there were none available.

Mike Swafford with MCSO said that’s when a relay began across the state to get Bolin home. Montgomery Police Department, Vestavia Hills Police Department, Fultondale Police Department, Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Limestone County Sheriff’s Office were all involved.

Different officers within those agencies gave the man food, drink, and even money.

Bolin’s family saw the story after it went viral on Facebook and contacted News 19’s sister station in Indianapolis.

They said the man’s real name was Sangre Bolin. The name he gave, Willinaus Bolin, is actually the man’s brother’s name.

The family also contacted Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, who posted an update on the viral Facebook post:

“We have since learned that some of this young man’s story may be inaccurate, if not an outright lie. It appears his mother still has both legs and his deceased father…is still alive. However, our agency, and others, acted in good faith based on the information we were given and we were happy to do it….and would do it again. Unfortunately…(this may shock you) we get lied to a lot but as they say…no good deed goes unpunished.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana tells News 19 that Bolin has been in their jail system at least 15 times, most recently in May 2021. Bolin’s charges range from fraud, to battery on a person less than 14, to escape, and drug charges.

Luckily, Bolin did eventually make it home to Indianapolis.

MCSO said a good Samaritan truck driver picked up Bolin from an officer in Nashville and drove him home to his mother and sister in Indianapolis Wednesday afternoon.

They added: “While most of his story was determined to be false… We are glad he is home and hope some good will come from the kindness he has been shown.”

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