TUESDAY: It stays dry for the morning with afternoon storms returning. We are again going to be dealing with this unsettled weather pattern through the week. Some days will bring heavier rain than others. For Tuesday the greatest opportunity for coverage will be 11AM – 8 PM.

WEDNESDAY: We will have numerous showers and storms, but again, not everyone sees rain. Those that do, there could be some locally heavy rain at times. It’s best to stay prepared and have a way to get good weather info (our CBS 42 app does a great job). The sky can change quickly in this set up, and there isn’t anything worse than being at baseball practice and all of the sudden the bottom falls out and you have no where to shelter. Again, the threat will largely fall during the early afternoon hours. Noon to 4pm.

THROUGH THE WEEK: Thursday will give us a small slot of dry air. This does not mean the rain disappears, but we will likely see a bit less coverage of rain showers and we will likely see those showers produce less intense rain events. By Friday, the stormy changes. A plume of moisture rich air surges in from the Gulf and that will fill our atmosphere with a lot of water. Heavy rain is expected Friday and this will likely play a big part in planning for Friday night football games.

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