Huffman High School students remember Courtlin Arrington

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UPDATE FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2018: The Jefferson County District Attorney Mike Anderton announced charges were filed against 17-year-old Michael Jerome Barber in the death of Courtlin Arrington. Click here to read the full report.

Students at Huffman High School are remembering their classmate 17-year-old Courtlin Arrington. Arrington was shot Wednesday afternoon inside Huffman High School. She died from her injuries.

CBS 42 spoke to students Thursday about Arrington. Student Government Association President, DeCarlos Bates says he was friends with Arrington since they were Freshman. Bates says Arrington was kind, intellingent, and always made everyone laugh.

Bates says Huffman High School will never be the same. He says never felt his safety was in jeopardy before the shooting, and he still loves the school, but Bates says he’s unsure about attending school on Friday, “Walking through the doors of Huffman knowing Courtlin will not be with us, she will not be returning, it’s kind of hard. I will try but I know it will be a very emotional day tomorrow for those who do return to school.”

Several of Courtlin’s classmates say it just doesn’t feel real that she’s gone. But some students are using her hard work and intelligence as inspiration.

Jada Lanier says when she was new to Huffman High, Courtlin was the first person to befriend her and make her feel welcome. 

“Everything we do we’re doing for Courtlin. Courtlin wanted to be here. She wanted to graduate, and we’re making sure our class graduate. Ain’t nobody getting left behind. Everybody is going to graduate. Because if they don’t want to do it for themselves, they can do it for Courtlin,” Lanier said. 

Lanier says Courtlin would have wanted everyone to achieve their best after high school.

Friday, students will return to Huffman High School. The school system says it will not be a day of instruction; rather a day of counseling and readjustment following the tragic shooting of Arrington inside one of the classrooms Wednesday afternoon. 

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