BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A group of Huffman High School students are learning how to become future architects and construction workers and are giving back to the community.

Students have constructed a tiny home that will be donated to a family in need.

This is the second tiny home they have constructed as part of Huffman High School’s Architecture and Construction Academy.

Program director Terrence Marzette tells CBS 42 that the idea for constructing a tiny house started as a challenge for his students after they mastered building dog and bird houses using plastic, cardboard, and popsicle sticks.

Students are responsible for the ideas, designs, construction, and electrical work.

One student architect, Olvin Hernandez, tells CBS 42 the process starts with a rectangle and builds from there by creating the design on the computer.

“We have this program called C.A.B. that we build these designs on the computer,” Hernandez said. “We build on to that the small details like the rims. which we decided to add just for fun, and it just starts with one shape.”

This is the second tiny house being built.

The first was completed in five to six months and given to a family in North Carolina.

Construction of the current tiny home has been in the works for three weeks.

Marzette says they’ll decide on the family they will donate the house to once it is completed.