TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Friday’s temperatures proved to be a scorcher outside, reaching 97 degrees in Tuscaloosa.

Kevin Williamson is an employee for the Alabama Department of Transportation. He said he had 18 of his crew outside working, and is making sure employees stay hydrated and cautious during the heat wave.

“[We] make sure they got their Gatorade with them [and] make sure they have their water with them,” Willamson said. “This isn’t about trying to tough it out; It’s not 85 degrees, we are talking about 90’s and 100’s.”

ALDOT crews are not the only ones sweating it out in the hot weather. Coy Stallings is a Fedex driver, and Friday morning he had to deliver 100 packages. He says working in the extreme heat is difficult.

“Drinking water is the most important thing but drink too much too fast or you will start throwing up,” Stallings said. “So the important thing is just to not over work yourself.”

Dr. Elwin Crawford is the Medical Director for the Emergency Department at DCH Regional Medical Center. He says everyone needs to be careful when the temperature gets this hot and humid.

“Do your work early in the morning and not in the middle of the day, Drink plenty of fluids and I would suggest hydrating the day earlier if you know you are going to be outside and wear light fitting clothing and a hat light colored clothing”.

According to Edgar Calloway from the NorthStar Paramedic Services, his crews have been busy all week. EMTs have been called out everyday and have handled as many as 15-20 heat related ambulance calls in Tuscaloosa.