How to avoid being ‘burned’ when buying firewood

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ORANGE, Conn. (WTNH)– Melodye Palmesi works as a dental hygienist in Milford. She told News 8 that she was ripped off after buying firewood from an ad she saw in the newspaper.

“I ordered 2 cords of wood for $350, and he wanted it in cash,” Palmesi said. “One cord was $190 and two cords were $350, so I figured I could save some money by ordering two cords.”

Palmesi said at first glance she thought the guy dropped off two cords of wood, but when she stacked it she only had one cord.

“I didn’t realize until after he left, but I called him and he was very apologetic saying he was going to come and deliver and bring me the other cord,” she said. “It was always one excuse after another.” Joe Tirollo runs J&M Landscaping in Orange. He said if someone doesn’t know what a cord looks like, they can easily be fooled.

“When you stack a cord of wood it’s 4x4x8, 4 feet high, 4 feet wide, 8 feet long,” said Joe Tirollo of J&M Lanscaping.

There, they clean the wood and then measure the cords. Another tip: Tirollo said firewood needs to be in good condition. “You want clean wood, you want hard wood you don’t want pine, you don’t want soft wood, you want all hard wood. oak, maple cherry.”

To make sure the firewood is going to do the job to warm your house, ask when the tree was cut down.

“If you cut a tree right down you need to let it sit for a year,” Tirollo said. He added that the wood should dry for a year before using it. Palmesi wishes she did more research beforehand.

“I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they returned it by saying that he is no longer in business,” she said.

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