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HOMEWOOD, Ala (WIAT) — Now that gyms are allowed to reopen while following certain guidelines, some are wrapping up their first week back and some are getting ready to officially reopen.

Nexus Fitness in Homewood has already reopened, but have made a lot of changes.

In their Crossfit room, they have boxes tapes on the floor for the member to workout in while also following social distancing and being 6 feet apart. 12 members are allowed to workout in a class, so members are being asked to sign up before hand.

Nexus Fitness owner Chris Wade said he’s happy to see everyone back but understands there is a big responsibilty for him and his team on keeping everyone safe.

“I just want to make sure everyone feels comfortable so we’re going above and beyond what’s being mandated by state just to make sure everyone feels comfortable and realizing a lot of those testimonies just to tell other members at home to know we are taking every precaution,” said Wade.

At Nexus Fitness, Wade said they’re disinfecting between each workout class and asking members to wipe down too.

Also, classes have been reduced from an hour to 45 minutes. Wade said that’s so they have time to disinfect between each class and also help avoid by-pass traffic.

“We are not having to wear masks as we work out. That would be very difficult as we know having a mask on as we’re trying to get our heart rate elevated. We’re going to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is comfortable and we’re acclimating back to normalcy in the best way possible,” said Wade.

At the Riverchase Jazzercise, owner Sarah Diez said they are reopening face-to-face classes on Monday.

She said one of their challenges for Jazzercise is their members are in a wide age from from teens to women over 65.

“That is a really big age group, age span of people we want to keep safe and healthy so the biggest challenge is trying to keep them active, keep them moving because we know how important that is for everyone’s mental health and also physical health during this time while also being sensitive to the needs of our age span so as we reopen, we want to make sure we can still reach those people who aren’t ready to come to face to face class,” said Diez.

Riverchase Jazzercise has been offering online classes to members and Diez said that will continue for the time being.

Diez said only 10 people will be allowed in a class and people are asked to sign up ahead of time. They are also not using equipment for now and sticking to cardio. Members will be asked to wait in their car until 5 minutes before class and before entering, will be asked the recommended CDC guidelines questions to make sure they aren’t sick or have been exposed to COVID-19.


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