How damaged businesses in downtown Birmingham are doing following protests

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On Sunday, many businesses in downtown Birmingham were impacted by the protests that turned both violent and destructive.

Robert Hill Custom Tailoring was one of several businesses that sustained window damage during the protest. Hill, whose store has been open since 1983, said he supports protesting, but not at the expense of damaging property.

“It was upsetting because why,” said Hill. “We kind of wondered, protest is fine but don’t destroy personal property and that’s the kind of problem we’re concerned about is and my store has been damaged a few other times but this time it didn’t get broken in as far as taken merchandise and stuff. They just broke my windows and we’re disappointed in that.”

Hill said he’s proud to be a downtown business and has seen a lot of growth in the area.

“I’ve seen tremendous change down with renovation and stuff it’s been a tremendous impact on the economy in the downtown area and large condos being built,” he said. “People are moving in, which is an asset to downtown businesses, and I’ve enjoyed being part of downtown.”

Many other businesses impacted by the protest had to either reclose or have left windows boarded up for protection.


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