FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WIAT) — All seven candidates running for Alabama House District 55 spoke at a forum at Fairfield High School Tuesday to address the questions and concerns of residents.

The forum, hosted by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, offered all candidates running for the vacant seat a chance to share their plans if they are elected.

Candidates Kenneth Coachman and Travis Hendrix said they plan to focus on public safety.

“We’ve had far too many unfortunate murders due to gun violence and that’s one area that I really want to address,” Coachman said.

“Public safety because at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter where you from, where you’re at, where you live. Everybody wants to feel safe at the end of the day,” Hendrix said.

Candidates Cara McClure, Phyllis Oden-Jones and Antwon Womack said they agree with prioritizing public safety but have a few other issues they want to address as well.

“Making sure that we address food deserts across District 55. Education — making sure that funding for public schools is prioritized. Reforming our public safety and criminal justice system,” McClure said.

“To advocate and vote on laws that would address education in our school system also safety and health care,” Oden-Jones said.

“The main one is economic development. Economic development is very a big issue right now. We have pockets of areas in District 55 where small business innovation can happen,” Womack said.

Candidates Sylvia Swayne and Ves Marable say their plan includes overall improvement of the district.

“The plan for the district is to make it better than what it’s been. I think that I’m the only person in this race that actually has a degree in law — that’s a lawmaker’s job,” Marable said.

“There’s a lot that the district needs. Ultimately, it’s to activate voters of all backgrounds especially young voters to stop saying that Alabama is what we’re seeing in the Capitol. Alabama is much more than that,” Swayne said.

Each candidate also answered a variety of questions from residents in the crowd. The election is set for Sep. 26.