Hoover School Board considers changes to code of conduct policy

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HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — The superintendent of Hoover City Schools says she’s taking a bold stand against any potential racist or offensive language trickling into schools. 

Right now, the Hoover Board of Education is considering a plan to change the school system’s code of conduct policy. 

If approved, the policy change would hold students responsible for racist or offensive comments about whether or not they were made on school property, if the language is causing disruption for students at school.

Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy tells CBS 42, she wants to ensure all students feel respected, valued and comfortable to learn inside the school building. 

Back in March, Hoover students were seen on video using racist language.

It appeared to be a video made off campus, but that incident later turned into disruption to the school environment. 

“As we like to say, often the camera’s rolling and the audio is on and so everything we say whenever and wherever we say it has the potential obviously to make social media and or get dispersed in an audience that you didn’t intend,” said Murphy.

Dr. Murphy wants to make is clear, she tells CBS42, she’s not interested in inserting herself in conversations that are happening at home, only when those conversations then trickle into classrooms. 

“I am interested in what impact does that have when it comes back to school on a Monday morning does it affect our children and how they feel about themselves and the value they feel for themselves,” said Murphy. 

Under the proposal, students would face a Class 3 infraction that could lead to expulsion of placement in an alternative school. 

The school system is reaching out to the school community for feedback on the current proposal. 

The Hoover Board of Education will discuss the proposal further during its June meeting. 

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