HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) – A mixed-use development in The Preserve neighborhood in Hoover is upsetting many of the residents who live in the area.

“It a unique atmosphere (that) you don’t always find in Hoover. It’s like paradise out here,” Preserve resident David Spangler said.

David said the safe environment, proximity and the open green space are reasons he and his family moved to the Preserve from Decatur five years ago. However, learning that developer Capstone Communities wants to build a hotel, parking deck and apartment complex in the Preserve neighborhood is not what they want.

“I feel like it takes away the value of the safety of the neighborhood,” Annie Spangler said. “And also, the traffic; the road is already very busy and trying to get out in the morning to go to school – I go to UAB currently – it will add so much extra traffic.”

On Sunday, some residents stood in solidarity at an event called Party for The Preserve.

While enjoying music food and games, they said they want the developer to take the mixed-use development somewhere else.

“Go to Patton Creek, its already there. Go build on top of that. But this is not the place for that,” Preserve resident Christine Botthof said.

Preserve resident Khrsiti Driver, who is a member of the Hoover City Council and planning and zoning commission, gave a statement saying in part:

“The developer and owner have withdrawn their application to amend Zoning for the Planned Unit Development at The Preserve.  The developer and owner intend to complete a traffic study and revise the plans before resubmitting a proposed amendment. The Commission is only a recommending body on zoning decisions. Ultimately, the Council is the final authority in such matters.”

David said if the mixed-use development does happen, then he will consider moving to another neighborhood.

“It would be very upsetting because we don’t want to move but I think a lot of people will consider that,” David said.

CBS 42 reached out to Capstone Communities for comment, but they had not responded at the time of this publication.

Currently, there is a petition that has over four thousand signatures on it opposing the mixed-use development.