Hoover police receiving reports of people being targeted in phone scam

Local News

Hoover police are warning people in the area to be aware of a phone scam that has been around for years but has recently popped up in large numbers locally. 

Police say they have received numerous calls from people being targeted in the scam. 

The way the scam works is that a person will call and say they’re from a government agency, like the IRS. They’ll say you’re behind on your taxes or you’ve done something else wrong and police have warrants for your arrest. Then, they’ll say you can avoid being arrested by calling them back and paying a certain amount of money. 

Police tell CBS 42 the old scam may be more prevalent now because of new ways of masking caller ID. They say it’s difficult to track down callers. 

“Law enforcement is getting better at being able to track these individuals, however, our message is if we could get people not to fall for it in the first place, then that would make it better for everybody,” Lt. Keith Czeskleba said. 

The same issue has been reported in Vestavia, Jefferson County, Shelby County, and Helena. Police say if you get a call like this, you should hang up and not call back. You can report these calls directly to the Federal Trade Commission. 

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