Hoover family battles COVID long hauler symptoms

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HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Many probably know someone who has recovered from COVID, but there are some people who are still dealing with symptoms for weeks and even months after their diagnosis.

One Hoover family has been dealing with COVID long hauler symptoms for over two months. It caused a lot of stress on the family keeping up with school work and focusing on trying to get their health back on track.

“I was very scared. I was scared for my mom, sister and myself,” said Matthew Jones, a student at Berry Middle School.

Jones and his mother Valerie Hudgins tested positive for COVID-19 in August.

“We were actually at an event when my daughter got COVID and we had masks on, and we tried to socially distance and use hand sanitizer, but we still got it well actually, my daughter got it then we got it from her,” said Hudgins.

It’s been several weeks since their diagnosis and they’re still struggling with fatigue, brain fog and shortness of breath.

“My daughter had a mild case, and she was able to go to the first day of school. But Matthew and I, our symptoms have lingered this is week 9 for us so he was out of school for four weeks,” said Hudgins.

The pair say it has been a roller coaster dealing with long hauler symptoms while trying to get their routines back on track.

“Well, it’s been really stressful going through school, but I’ve had a lot of support, and still to this day it’s really stressful, and it’s just hard,” said Jones.

“They allow him to take two naps during his elective classes and that’s helped a lot because before that he was coming home and sleeping for hours after school just from the fatigue.,” said Hudgins.

Jones and his mother are staying optimistic about their health and they hope their story will help encourage others.

“I’m vaccinated and healthy and Matthew is healthy so what I say to people about vaccinations is what else can you do I don’t know what else you can do to help yourself prevent the horrible symptoms of COVID,” said Hudgins.

Hudgins was vaccinated back in February and says she believes the vaccine helped prevent her from having to be hospitalized on a ventilator. Matthew and his sister say they’ve gotten their first dose of the vaccine and will receive the second dose in the next few weeks.

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