Homewood Police Department debuts new crime fighting watch tower

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HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — While the City of Homewood played host to its annual Fourth of July Festival on Independence day, the evening also marked the debut of the Homewood Police Department’s new FLIR Watch Tower.

The tower can extend 30 feet into the air and monitor the area in each direction with cameras.

Scott McBrayer, the Mayor of Homewood, explains that the tower will allow the Homewood Police Department to fight crime like never before.

“We’ll use it for events like [the Fourth of July Festival], but it’ll also be used in other areas of our city,” said McBrayer. “So, if we’re having issues in one particular area whether it’s car break-ins or something like that, we can set it up.”

Per McBrayer, Homewood is one of the first cities in the state to implement this technology. The tower costed the city about $200,000, which McBrayer views as an investment in public safety.

“I do think that it’s our responsibility when we have the opportunity to make improvements that we do that and that we give our officers every tool and resource they need and to make the businesses and residents here feel safe,” said McBrayer.

Mark Snyder owns Mark’s Joint in downtown Homewood. Snyder tells CBS 42 that he has always felt safe, but now, he feels that this tool could help prevent crime before it occurs, which makes him feel safer.

“If you can get that bird’s eye view and maybe stop something before it happens it seems like a good move,” said Snyder.

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