HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — An online document created by the Magic City Acceptance Academy, an LGBTQ-affirming public charter school in the Birmingham area, was hijacked Monday and edited to include homophobic content.

The document, featured on the school’s website, was created to provide parents with information related to remote learning.

But on Monday, parents of children who attend the school began noticing the document had been edited to include explicitly homophobic content, including memes and other images.

One of the images contained in the document labeled the school the “Sodom and Gomorrah Acceptance Academy.” Another image included the term “groomer” and said, “If the Bible calls it a sin, your opinion doesn’t matter.”

Another section of the document had been edited to include a written message urging parents to homeschool their children.

“Do not let them anywhere near those people who want to pervert your kids with LGBT ideology,” the document said. “They are groomers.”

Despite the growing use of “grooming” terminology, there is no evidence that being exposed to LGBTQ ideas or people increases the risk of sexual abuse among children.

Michael Wilson, founding principal of Magic City Acceptance Academy, told CBS 42 on Monday that the school was taking down all inappropriate content. He said that the school knows all too well that it will be a target “of some kind of dislike” by those who misunderstand the school and its mission.

This isn’t the first time attacks on the school have made headlines. After school staff and students were targeted in a political ad aired across the state by Republican candidate Tim James, Magic City Acceptance officials were forced to increase security on campus. James lost his race, but the attacks continue from elsewhere.

“It is just unfortunate that people feel the need to bully us with such actions,” Wilson said. “But it only makes us more aware of our need to exist for our students.”