High school seniors left to cope after losing final months

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — Per Governor Ivey’s order in response to COVID-19, schools will finish their academic years online.

This order left many high school seniors, who have long awaited enjoying those final weeks, without much emotional closure.

When many school districts first temporarily transitioned to online learning, many students were afraid that the COVID-19 outbreak would lead to the loss of their last months on their campus. Those fears became reality.

“When I read it, I was surprised but not really. I kinda knew what was going to happen,” said Joshua Hynds, a senior at Homewood High School, about when he heard Gov. Ivey announce the order. “I had to take a couple hours to think because that’s obviously not what you want to hear your last couple weeks of your senior year.”

The school closures meant high school seniors wouldn’t have their senior proms and any of the traditional graduation celebrations.

Hynds and his friends from a high school dance.

Hynds, however, kept a positive mindset.

“I knew it was for the best and it was going to keep everyone safe,” said Hynds.

He then debriefed with his close friends in his graduation class.

“I tried to encourage them as much as I could and they were doing the same [for me]” said Hynds.  “We’re basically all getting through it together because nobody is alone in struggling in this.  Not even the class of 2020.”

As he kept a positive attitude and intends to spread his optimism, he and the rest of his Homewood High School graduating class, like all high school seniors in Alabama, will finish their coursework online.

Hynds said while it seems like the Homewood High School class of 2020 won’t be reuniting before the school year ends, he says his classmates and their parents are brainstorming for a possible reunion celebration soon.

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