HALE COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Trash pick up in Hale County or lack thereof has become a problem.

Many residents in Moundville have not had their trash picked up in weeks because the county only has one driver and one truck in operation.

Moundville homeowner Greg Breland is frustrated and angry because his trash has not been picked up for a whole month. He has a message for Hale County leaders.

“Please just come by and help us, if nothing else just get the bags up off the ground.  Just show us you’re trying and I understand that everything is piled up but there’s a lot of garbage out there,” Breland said. “Just do something to help us.”

Hale County District 2 Commission Scott Hallman says the county is trying to fix the problems so residents can get their garbage collected.

“It’s been tough, I’ve seen people’s garbage piled up and they deserve better than that and we want to provide better service than that,” Hallman said. We are going to do what we can to get it straightened out.”

Hallman tells CBS 42 that one driver on duty for the whole county is using a rental garbage truck because the other truck broke down and is in the shop. Another driver was recently involved in a car accident while driving a county truck and that driver is not working.

“We’ve had some unfortunate things happen with our equipment like break downs,” Hallman said. “And with the coronavirus and with more people being home it’s producing more garbage. It’s taking our guys longer to pick up.”

 Breland says he just wants his trash picked up as soon as possible.

“You got garbage cans full of garbage, piles of garbage just sitting out on the roadside and been there for weeks,” he said. “Whatever it takes, let’s work together to get the job done. Let’s get Hale County cleaned back up to get it back on track for everybody.”

The county is hoping to have the trucks back in service by the end of the week.