Hale County flooding causes road to cave in

Local News

AKRON, Ala. (WIAT) — Flooding from the Black Warrior River combined with heavy rainfall in recent days has caused some roads to wash away in Hale County.  

Part of County Road 36 in the Akron community of Lock 8 has caved in creating a five-foot deep hole.

Sheila Garner and many other residents have been asking the Hale County Commission to fix the road for days.

“My thoughts and concerns are if my house catches on fire or anyone’s house for that matter or if someone needs medical attention, how can you get a fire truck or ambulance across that,” Garner said.

There are two ways into the Lock 8 community: County Road 36 and Oak village road. But some parts of Oak village road are still underwater. Hale County Commissioner Donald Anderson says help is on the way.

“The residents are really concerned and I am also,” Anderson said. “Right now we are in the process of fixing it so they can get in and it’s going to be a temporary fix.”  

Work crews began putting down gravel to allow residents to drive around the caved-in road. Sheila Garner appreciates that but still has concerns.

“This is people’s lives at risk, this is people’s livelihood to get out to go get groceries and to go to work or go to the doctor and this road is caving in,” Garner said.

Anderson says he is reaching out to the state to see if officials in Montgomery can help provide funds.

“Well it’s creating a road danger but at the same time we want them to realize we are doing all that we can do but some things are limited as to what we can do,” Anderson said.

Anderson says he isn’t sure how long it will take to make permanent repairs to the road.


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