MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — A group of gun violence survivors and educators are asking lawmakers to stop a bill that would allow permitless carry in Alabama. Volunteers with the group Moms Demand Action along with the group Everytown for Gun Safety went door to door speaking to lawmakers in the State House and telling their stories of survival.

“There’s many reasons that I got involved with Moms Demand Action,” said Dana Ellis. 

When Ellis was eight years old, a 14 year old who lived nearby fired a gun at her.

“His parents had left a loaded 4-10 shotgun available to this child who shot at my brother and I,” she explained.

Ellis got pellets in her neck, hand and leg. If she had been closer, it could have been much worse.

“Every other day, a child in this country is injured unintentionally. They find a weapon that their parents have left not properly secured,” said Ellis.

“I have five beautiful grandchildren that I want them to be able to feel safe when they go to the movies or to the mall or to a concert and to church,” said Moms Demand Action volunteer Harriette Huggins.

Huggins said the group members support the second amendment. They just want to see guns stay out of hands that shouldn’t be holding them.

“Applying for a permit means that you have to go through a background check and they can make a decision about whether or not this person has a history or doesn’t need to have a gun,” said Huggins.

However, some gun rights advocates believe the permitting process is unreasonable and unconstitutional.

“We already don’t have to have a permit to open carry in this state. I can put my 1911 on my hip and walk into Walmart and it’s no problem and I don’t have to have a permit. But to enter my car or to out on a coat, I have to. And that doesn’t make sense,” said Shanna Chamblee with Alabama Gun Rights, Inc.

The bill, SB3, was supposed to get a public hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday. However, the committee adjourned before the bill was brought before them. The committee is now expected to hear the bill next week.