Gun range owner working to keep cops, public aware of folding guns and other concealable weapons


TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — As digital technology advances, so do weapons and the co-owner of a local gun range wants to make sure law enforcement officers are up-to-date on concealable weapons technology. 

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, 29 officers have been killed in the line of duty in 2019 and 14 of those deaths were due to firearms. Birmingham Police Sgt. WyTasha Carter is one of those officers.

Derrick Hood, co-owner of Sheepdog Firearms Training Center in Trussville, told CBS 42 he served 17 years with the Birmingham Police Dept. and recently recorded a public service announcement to show how easy it is for people to conceal multiple guns on their body.

 “I’ve been out of the law enforcement field for, you know, 10 years now, but I’m still there in heart,” Hood said. “I just want to remind my officers, because I see it as a civilian, that you’ve got to be safe, you’ve got to pay attention.”

In the video, Hood concealed 12 guns of varying calibers on only his upper body. One of the guns was a folding gun.

The LifeCard is a .22, single shot gun; however, Hood said it still needs to be taken seriously especially since it can easily be concealed inside a box of cigarettes. 

“There’s a lot of talk in the media about, you know, ‘the bad guy didn’t have a gun, it was just a cell phone or it was just this, or just that,’ and there’s so many different size guns, there are so many different types of guns that you just don’t know,” Hood said. “You can’t wait for a muzzle flash before you pull your trigger.”

Another folding gun is called Ideal Conceal and it is made to look like a smartphone.

Hood also showed CBS 42 some concealable knives and swords that he wants officers to be mindful of, especially after a recent dollar store robbery which involved two suspects armed with swords. One of the concealable swords Hood had on display was disguised as a working umbrella. 

Hood said he is working to battle complacency in law enforcement to keep officers safe. 

“If the officer finds one bad guy, it doesn’t mean that’s all the bad guys,” Hood said. “If the officer finds one weapon, that doesn’t mean it’s all the weapons. You’ve got to keep looking.”

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