BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) – The concern for stray dogs is a problem the Greater Birmingham Humane Society said they’ve presented to numerous elected officials in the city.

“We have offered to enforce the tethering act; we have offered free spay-neuter. We’ve offered to do anything we can do to support and solve this problem, but it’s continually not addressed,” said Greater Birmingham Humane Society CEO, Allison Black Cornelius.

Following the news that a 63-year-old woman died as a result of a dog attack in Ensley, GBHS said the issue can no longer go ignored.

“It is a massive problem. It is a 24/7 issue. Our officers respond 24/7. We know where the packs of dangerous animals are,” Cornelius said.

According to Cornelius, those dangerous packs are typically roaming around Birmingham, Bessemer, Ensley and Tarrant.

They’ve received a number of calls from people with complaints, which is why they say they’re willing to extend their resources to the city in hopes of creating change.

“Let us come in and help you. Let us come in and trap them and dart them and then don’t let it recreate,” Cornelius said.

City council members were unavailable to speak, but issued a statement earlier this week, saying in part: “We are going to be working with city leadership to figure out what can be done to prevent future tragedies like this. Whether that’s through new legislative measures or bolstering existing leash laws.”

Cornelius also said it’s going to require a collaboration between GBHS and the city to make a difference as well as enforcing licensing on owners with unauthored animals.