Gov. Kay Ivey confronted by sister of executed death row inmate Nathaniel Woods

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The sister of a man who was recently executed by the state of Alabama confronted Gov. Kay Ivey over her decision not to stop the execution.

On Thursday afternoon, Ivey was taking questions from a group of reporters following her announcement of the start of the 2020 Census in the Old House Chamber of the Capitol building. As she was surrounded by reporters, Pamela Woods, the sister of Nathaniel Woods, walked up beside her.

“I’m the sister of Nathaniel Woods,” Woods said.

Before Woods could say anything else, Ivey’s spokesperson, Gina Maiola, stepped between the two women.

“Excuse me. We’re still doing a press gaggle,” Maiola said. “We’ll talk to you in just a moment, okay?”

The next words from Woods were enough to cause Ivey to silently be led away from Woods and the press by members of her staff.

“You killed my brother,” Woods said. “Gov. Ivey, you killed my brother. He’s an innocent man.”

As Ivey walked away with her staff to the door, Woods and others began shouting “Murderer” as she walked out the door. On Wednesday, Woods and others gathered in Montgomery to demand justice for Nathaniel Woods’ death.

Nathaniel Woods was executed on March 5 after spending years on Alabama’s death row. He was convicted in the 2004 murder of three Birmingham police officers, although he was not the one that shot them. However, prosecutors argued that he was an accessory to their murder and was instrumental in luring them to their deaths.

In the days leading up to his execution, many celebrities and people across Alabama and the country called on Woods’ execution to be stayed. Despite their efforts, his death was carried out.

Following Woods’ execution, Ivey released a statement, maintaining that Woods had been found guilty and that evidence showed he was responsible for the officers’ deaths.

“A jury of Mr. Woods’ peers convicted him of four counts of capital murder,” the statement read. “In the past 15 years, his conviction has been reviewed at least nine times, and no court has found any reason to overturn the jury’s decision.”

Ivey said that she had carefully and thoroughly considered all of the facts of Woods’ case and concluded that his execution should be carried out.

“This is not a decision that I take lightly, but I firmly believe in the rule of law and that justice must be served. My thoughts and most sincere prayers are for the families of Officers Chisholm, Owen and Bennett. May the God of all comfort be with these families as they continue to find peace and heal from this terrible crime.”


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