Future of Carraway Hospital and surrounding area being discussed in Birmingham public hearing

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On Tuesday, the Birmingham City Council will be discussing the potential rezoning of the area surrounding the vacant Carraway Hospital.

Since 2008, the hospital has been vacant and the land is currently owned by Corporate Realty. The council said they want to be at the table to discuss the future of what the area could bring.

“In the midst of a pandemic, I am excited the fact that there is still interest in development of that area. We need all tax base dollars we can get in Birmingham area so to see that community thrive and projects going on, I’m envisioning seeing a Carraway facility repurposed or redone and eventually see a beautiful amphitheater, and so many other new houses in the area,” city councilor John Hilliard said.

Hilliard said this could bring in a lot of foot traffic to the area and put Birmingham on the market as a must-visit city like Nashville and Atlanta.

He said this new kind of development is much needed after the year the city has had.

“We’ve lost a tremendous amount of business throughout the city over this pandemic and what I want people to know is the leaders of Birmingham, we are thinking for the future so sooner we can get these things happening, the better it will be for all of us. putting people back to work, bring extra dollars we don’t have, creating that foot traffic for the area,” said Hilliard.

A public hearing about the redevelopment of the area will take place at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at Birmingham city council chambers on Tuesday.


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