UPDATE NOON MAY 2, 2018: Four men are now in custody in a kidnapping and murder case that is believed to have been retaliation for the death of former Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Carlos Gray, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO). Click here to read the latest update in the case.


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Authorities are investigating a homicide after former Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Carlos Tyrell Gray was found shot to death in his Jefferson County home late Monday night.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday in a release that deputies responded to a reported shooting complaint at a home in the 5700 block of Balboa Terrace. When they arrived, they found Gray, 25, dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

The Sheriff’s Office says Gray’s girlfriend told them she had last seen him about an hour before, when she left the house. She reportedly found his body when she returned.

Deputies cleared the home while checking for additional victims or suspects, and reportedly discovered marijuana, digital scales, a Glock pistol with an extended magazine, and an AK-47 rifle with a large capacity magazine, all lying in plain view.

Chief Deputy Randy Christian with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said Gray is the victim here, but he may have been living a risky lifestyle.

“The guns he had certainly are something that would lead you to believe that there may have been some kind of threat out there or danger for him. He had a lot of firepower there and there’s got to be a good reason for that,” said Christian.

Gray is an Alabama native and a family friend in the neighborhood, Gloria Berry, said she’s known Gray since he was a child. She said he called her ‘Grandma’ and she just heard about his death Tuesday morning.

“I just froze. And all of a sudden I got this emptiness inside of me. It’s like a hole inside of me. It’s like something been taken away inside of me … His mom has been too torn up to talk and the way I feel, I just make her cry because I can’t hardly hold it in either,” she said.

Gray played in four preseason games for the Green Bay Packers after entering the NFL draft as an undrafted free agent following his sophomore season as defensive lineman for the North Carolina State Wolfpack, ESPN reports. He was released from the Packers in 2015.

Investigators believe the shooting may be related to a kidnapping they’re investigating that happened Tuesday morning in the 2100 block of Old Springville Road.

“I think there’s a good chance it is going to be connected. I think it’s going to involve retaliation for this shooting. I think this shooting may involve retaliation for another case and we’re trying to connect all those dots. We’ve got a lot of work to do but I have great confidence in the detectives in our Criminal Division,” said Christian.

A victim reported that he and another man were forced into a vehicle by five suspects. The reporting victim was able to escape and call for help.

Deputies are still looking for a white Chevrolet Avalanche, another kidnapping victim and three more possible suspects.

They have two suspects already in custody.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 205-325-1450 or Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.