BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — 2021 was a difficult year for the Scott family. In August, 14-year-old Jasiah Scott was killed when the go-cart he was driving was struck by a vehicle in Midfield, killing the teenager.

Months later, though, as the Scott family endures their first holiday season without Jasiah, they have found solace in beginning a new family tradition his mother Denise is calling “Forever 14.”

On Christmas Day, the Scotts took to the streets, handing out 14 bags of Christmas gifts to those facing homelessness in the area. The bags included blankets, gloves and socks, as well as hygiene products, candy and water.

“Jasiah didn’t like to get cold and he loved soft blankets, so we want to make sure the homeless people stay warm and have smiles on their faces,” Jasiah’s mother, Denise Scott, told CBS 42 on Christmas Eve.

Despite the happiness the day of giving provided for the Scotts and those they helped out, Denise said her life will never be the same.

“Honestly, I’m not doing okay,” she said. “Everyone tells me it’s okay — it’s going to be okay. I’m like I’m never going to be okay.”

Scott said that the family hopes to do something each month in memory of her late son.