TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — This weekend Alabama takes on Ole Miss at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Airport director Jeff Powell is hoping to score big with all the fans flying in for the SEC conference game.

“Our non-conference games are low volume attendance you might see 10, 20 or 30 aircraft come in.  When you get into the conference play, you’re going to see 50 to 100 aircraft and when you get into our competitive games, you will see between 100 and 300 aircraft come in here to this airport,” Powell said.

Powell says he expects to be busy and see lots of aircraft, more than 100 charter planes are expected to land at the airport for game day weekend. City councilman John Faile says businesses based at the airport such as Hawthone Aviation and Dixie Air are getting a boost in business as well.

“I am sure it’s a really big deal for Hawthorne and Dixie even more then it is for the city as a whole. We are thrilled to have these people come in and they pay a minimal amount to land there, and we are doing so much with the airport that in the future I think it will be even better,” said Faile.