Food banks impacted by government shutdown

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) -- The government shutdown is starting to impact local food banks in Central Alabama. 

Food bank officials said if federal employees are not getting a paycheck, how are they going to feed their families? They expect the demand to go up very soon. 

"It's going to effect me a lot because I get disability and with no disability how will I live? I've been trying to find a job, can't find a job. I'm down right about to be homeless and i don't know how to be homeless," said Mildred Roberson, who stopped at Greater Birmingham Ministries for help. 

Local food banks are preparing to see a more demand in their services.

"We have had as many people here as food as we did this morning in quite a while and I can't say whether its the because of the shutdown or not but I know if it was anything like today we're going to have a run for our money," said Sarah Price with Greater Birmingham Ministries. 

At the community food bank of central Alabama,  they said they're concerned for those on the SNAP program, also known as food stamps.

"It provides so much vital food assistance to so many families. It's also instrumental in keeping Alabama's grocery industry healthy. It provides over 1 billion dollars a year to Alabama's entire grocery industry which employs roughly 69,000 residents," said Kathryn Strickland, the executive director of Community Food Bank of Central Alabama. 

Strickland said those on SNAP are good till February, but if the shutdown continues, there could be problems.

"Already the community food bank and its partners are feeding between 60,000 to 80,000 people per month and to imagine rapidly expanding that is quite daunting," said Strickland.

"With everything going on now, I don't know how everyone is going to live and survive," said Roberson. 


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