FITNESS FRIDAY: Fighting Childhood Obesity; exercises and fitness tips

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – It’s Fitness Friday! This week, it is all about the kids. Fighting Childhood Obesity is very important.
Sadly, childhood obesity is on the rise. But health experts say starting young, when it comes to kids and fitness can help in the long run.

Studies show, about 20 percent of adolescents in the U.S. today are obese or overweight. With the number of obese and overweight younger children close behind.

According to health experts, a recent study shows kids should have less ‘screen time’ and have a more active fun time. The time that a child spends during screen time, such as in front of a television, cell phone, video games or any other electronic devices can cause a child to be lazy, inactive and overweight at an early age due to lack of movement and activity.

Doctors say, parents, need to limit their children to two hours of screen time at home a day. Screen time also impacts a child’s sleep, which is another risk factor for obesity.

WATCH: FITNESS FRIDAY: Fighting Childhood Obesity; exercises and fitness tips

Exercises such as squats, light lifts, jumping jacks, bouncing balls, running, even some playing activities are all good ways for keeping kids active and fighting the growing childhood obesity rate.

Kids being active and healthy also goes along with having proper nutrition. Just like adults, what kids eat and drink are also important factors when it comes to fighting childhood obesity.

Proper food portion is having the correct amount of food on a child’s plate. Not overloading and providing seconds or third meals help maintains a healthy weight for kids. For details on proper kids meals and nutrition visit

For tips for parents on how to help kids maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle visit

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