Filming wraps up for western thriller 'Hell on The Border' in McCalla

MCCALLA, Ala (WIAT) - Filming for western movie, 'Hell on The Border' wrapped up on Friday. The Western thriller is based on the true life story of Bass Reeves. He was the first black deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi river in the late 1800s. 

Director and writer, Wes Miller, decided to film the movie in Alabama. Crews filmed scenes in Walker County, Bessemer and Tannehill Park in McCalla. Miller says he is inspired by Reeves story, and it has long needed to be told in film.

"He was a former slave, he was illiterate, and then he became one of the most feared law enforcement individuals in the Indian territory."  said Miller.

The movie stars actors like Frank Grillo who plays the antagonist Bob Dozier. David Gyasi stars as Bass Reeves and says he's humbled to play the character.

"Acknowledgement that wow, this guy not only existed, but existed in a time where the environment was so difficult for someone like him to succeed in the way that he did." said Gyasi.

The movie has filmed scenes in Walker County, Bessemer, and Tannehill Park in McCalla. Producer Leonard Ohaebosil says it was great experience filming in Alabama.

"The state of Alabama offers a really nice tax credit incentive to go ahead and make movies." said Ohaebosil  

Miller says he will bring more films to the state. He hopes people will feel inspired after seeing the movie.

"No matter what circumstances you come from. No matter what decks are stacked against you, if you pursue and you work hard, you can accomplish certain things," said Miller, "And there are real life superheroes that history hasn't highlighted."

The movie is expected to be released around Thanksgiving later this  year.

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