Fans react to tailgate fight at Ole Miss

Local News

Some Alabama fans and alumni say they’re disappointed by a video that shows fans fighting while tailgating prior to the Crimson Tide’s game at Ole Miss last week.

The video, seen here, (warning: contains profanity) reportedly happened at the Grove at Ole Miss before last Saturday’s Alabama victory.

“Just takes the fun out of the game,” Alabama alumnus Gordon McBryde said. “Activities on the quad can be a lot of fun, but that certainly takes the edge off of it. And it’s just not worth it.”

But Gordon admits he’s not shocked to see it, and others CBS 42 spoke with agree.

“I really assume things like this happen at most games, and this one happened to be caught on tape,” Tuscaloosa resident Jenny Cundiff said. “I mean, I think it’s great for people to have team spirit, but you want to not hurt other people just because you’re excited about your own team.”

It’s not clear what led to the fight, but one fan believes there could be a number of contributing factors in a situation like this.

“Probably alcohol. Alcohol and team spirit,” Tide fan Matt Cribbet said. “A lot of these people have pride in their schools. I’d say most people do. And so that leads to a lot of high emotions. And it’s good. It can be really good, but sometimes it just turns a little ugly.”

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