Fairview schools on soft lockdown Friday

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FARVIEW, ALA. (WIAT)- A potential threat to a school in Cullman County put the Fairview schools on a soft lockdown Friday.

Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry tells CBS 42 there is no credible threat but they did have extra security on campus Friday. Some parents not taking any chances and pulled their kids out of class.
Gentry said several students were playing on play station when they got an anonymous message on Wednesday mentioning a Fairview school. One students who reported the message went to Fairview High School. 

“That there was going to be a incident at one of the schools in Cullman County,” said Gentry.

Betty Trucks is picking up her grandson. 

“When I went to school we didn’t have stuff like this people took care of their own they raised there kids the boys to be men and their girls to be ladies,” said Trucks. Said added,”  
“It’s getting really ridiculous, really ridiculous.”

Trucks said his grandson called his mother earlier Friday.
“I am a little scared mother, I just don’t know if I should be or shouldn’t be. I said lets go get my grandson now,” said Trucks.

Ariel McCurdy and Heather Yarbrough have children part of the Fairview school system.

“With everything going on in Florida its horrible what happened to them, and its horrible their is a threat at our school now,” said McCurdy.

“Would rather have my kids be with me. I know they are safe that way,” said Yarbrough.

Sheriff Gentry said they are still trying to figure out who sent the message. 

“There has been no incident at any of our schools, there have been no children injured anything of that nature,” said Gentry.

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