BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Recent storms that have swept through the area are causing local tree experts to caution homeowners to have their trees checked for damage or disease.

Graham Henderson with Alabama Urban Forestry tells CBS 42 that dead limbs and mushrooms are an early indicator that your tree is not in good condition.

Dead limbs at the top of the tree mean the tree is stressed, and mushrooms, fungus, or rot around the base is a sign the tree is decaying.

“Even though a tree might be full of leaves, that doesn’t mean that what’s holding it in the ground is secure,” Henderson said. “If you see any of that, it means you need to have an expert tree guy to come take a look at it.”

Henderson says you should have your trees checked by a professional every two to three years.

He says winter is the best time to have them removed because there are not many storms, and the cost is cheaper.

Even if the tree is healthy and it is within 12 feet of your home, Henderson says you should have it removed.

“In the event of a storm, if you lose limbs they’re more than likely going to fall unto your house, and you could experience foundation issues,” Henderson said.