Eutaw residents upset about trash piling up

Local News
October 02 2021 06:00 pm

EUTAW, Ala. (WIAT) — Some Eutaw residents in Greene County are frustrated with trash pick-up services. Waste Management is the company contracted to pick up garbage, but here’s the problem, according to Eutaw’s Mayor, trash is overflowing from garbage cans in streets across the city and piled in streets.

Mitzie Madison has lived in her home in Eutaw since 1985 and she and her family are fed up. Her trash has not been picked up in two weeks.

“It is real upsetting, it makes our street look bad for one thing and I don’t know where we are going to put it. Guess we will have to sit it out and wait, but nobody has been here for two weeks to get the trash and we pay a fee for that and you hate to pay a fee when nobody is doing their job,” said Madison.

There are 930 trash customers who pay the city $15 per month, but in the past two months trash has not been picked up on time. Corey Martin is a city administrator and says Waste Management has made a number of excuses for their poor services.

“We have had so many complaints from citizens. The company says they don’t have enough employees, and they don’t have enough vehicles and the last excuse they told us is they are waiting on garbage cans. But regardless of the excuses, the citizens are the ones who are going to suffer for no cans or damaged cans and we have to spend all sorts of administrative efforts to keep up with it,” said Martin.

Mitzie Madison is hoping the City will take legal action against Waste Management.

“I would tell Waste Management if they are not going to do their jobs, someone needs to be fired for that. If you are paid to do a job and the city is paying them then they are liable to the city to do their job,” said Madison.

The city pays Waste Management roughly $16,000 per month for garbage services. CBS 42 reached out to the company for a comment for their side of the story but our phone calls were not returned.

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