MOODY, Ala. (WIAT) — The landfill fire in Moody has now been burning for almost three months.

This Saturday will mark three months for this fire to burn. 

A steady stream of trucks made their way to the landfill fire in Moody. 

A parade of clay drops tons of cover on this fire. Perry Gaughan, the on-scene coordinator for the EPA, said steady progress is being made.

“We continue to cover with clay and fill material,” Gaughan said. “We have about half the landfill covered to date, and if the weather would cooperate, we anticipate being done in two to three weeks with the covering and grading of the landfill.”

For Richard Harp, the house he pays a mortgage on monthly continues to sit empty.

He moved his family into an Airbnb weeks ago and only returns to check the mail. 

With the cleanup dragging on, he’s beginning to question whether he and his family should ever return.

“We are over a barrel of its them getting it out and over a barbell with moving on,” Harp said. “Land heals, water heals, and we are going to get this cleaned up. If it doesn’t happen, we are not coming back to this house.”

A major concern to Harp and other residents was over exactly what is burning. Gaughen told CBS 42 those questions are being answered.

“To our knowledge it’s brush material,” Gaughen said. “Now, ADEM knows more about the history of the landfill, and ADEM is on site every day. Their representatives are there every day. They continue to investigate areas where they have questions, where there may have been material other than brush.”

So, there will be at least two to three more weeks of work before the EPA will be able to launch a full-scale investigation of what’s burning and who’s to blame.