Employees with work issued cell phones should proceed with caution

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(WIAT) — If you have a work-issued cell phone, do you use it as a personal device?

You might want to think again, as many employers see it as an extension of the office and everything on it is fair game.

If you have personal emails, photos, or social media on that work phone, your company may have access to all of it.

Consider all your online searches, which could be tracked, along with financial transactions, personal texts, or anything you post on social media.

Some companies also have the ability to wipe phone data completely, but usually only when an employee leaves the company or the phone is lost. So, how can you protect yourself?

It is recommended that employees back up all personal items if they are stored on the company phone, and ask to see the company’s policy on cell phone privacy.

Employees should also consider a personal cell phone.

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