Duracell brings free batteries, charging station to Jacksonville after storms

Local News

As the Jacksonville community begins to clean up after the tornadoes that ravaged the city, one major battery brand is stepping up to give power to the people who need it. 

Duracell Battery’s disaster response unit brought a truck to Jacksonville on Tuesday with over 3,000 pounds of batteries and charging stations for up to 55 phones. The unit allowed anyone in the area to get power if they needed it. 

The crew travels to natural disaster sites around the country to help out in times of need. 

“You know, the town here in Jacksonville is going through so much and we’ve been through this so many times, but it’s always unique,” said Shane Grady with Duracell Disaster Response. “We’re just here to help. You know, we’ve got the short term reliable power in a Duracell battery that we always have. We’re making them anyway, so we’re just here to help and hand them out.”

The truck spent 2 hours in downtown Jacksonville on Tuesday and will be moving around to different locations on Wednesday. 

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