OXFORD, Ala. (WIAT) – Drivers in Oxford are voicing their concerns after a man was arrested after allegedly shooting and killing a driver in an apparent road rage incident.

The incident happened Monday afternoon near Highway 21 and Recreation Drive. Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge says Timmy Butts, 71, faces charges of murder and certain persons forbidden from possessing a firearm.

Some drivers say it’s another reminder that you never know what is going through other people’s minds on the road.

“They just think they own the road and can do whatever they want and it’s not ok,” says Hannah Osina, a driver heading from Florida to Tennessee with her daughter.

Osina says she doesn’t feel safe in her own car as people fly past and zip between lanes.

“If they’re getting frustrated if somebody cuts them off even or if they had a bad day at work, you never know what can happen and this is how they take it out and they can’t control themselves unfortunately,” says Osina.

Tonia Britt says getting overly worked up on the road is something that shouldn’t escalate to the point of killing someone else.

“It’s a serious event, it’s a serious accusation, it’s a serious thing and it could be as simple as someone just responding to their temperament,” says Britt. “Not really taking the time to calm themselves down because it’s not that serious. But to some people, it is that serious.”

Britt says despite Monday’s incident, she trusts Oxford Police to protect the community and doesn’t feel unsafe on the roads.

“That’s the issue. It’s not the community being unsafe, it’s the person that may be in our environment, maybe say because of their temperament and just what they’re, how they’re going through their day that day,” says Britt. “That’s scary to me.”

Partridge says road rage incidents happen all across the United States and while deaths because of road rage might happen nationwide, it’s rare for it to happen in this area. Partridge says his department gets one to two calls a week for road rage incidents where people are tailgating or trying to run others off the road but doesn’t remember the last time someone was killed because of road rage.

“When you pull a weapon and you shoot in public like that, you don’t have any idea where that bullet is going to go and it could’ve very well hit an innocent bystander,” says Partridge. “When you feel like you’re in one of these types of incidents, deescalate it by leaving the scene. Pull off somewhere, turn away from the individual that you’re having that confrontation with and try to get out of it as soon as possible so it doesn’t lead to these types of incidences.”