Dogs rescued in Walker County, authorities respond after Facebook post ‘scrutinizes’ deputy

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — The Walker County Sheriff’s Office made a statement in an attempt to clear up controversy surrounding an incident where a deputy rescued dogs from a residence and the owner made a Facebook post that “scrutinizes” the deputy.

The Sheriff’s Office called the Facebook post an inaccurate statement.

Investigator Carl Carpenter was contacted by the Humane Society Friday afternoon and was told their findings, as well as their desire to commend Deputy Lavilette as to how he handled the matter.

Carpenter said that the initial complaint came in that several dogs were tied out or in kennels without adequate shade or water.

“What they found was so much more,” Carpenter said in a statement. “They found an extremely malnourished Great Dane. It’s an adult male with I perceive to be a body composition score of 1, maybe a skinny 2. 3 is the normal, 5 is obese. He weighs in at 109 pounds. The average for this breed is 110-190 with females being on the lower side. His vet records say he was 135 in March and the owner refused vaccinations. He is also full of worms. He needed to be hosed down to cool him off as he had been in the sun without shade and water that was just as hot.”

He also said that a mother pit-mix with five puppies were found in the sun.

“All six of these are full of hookworms, had the same environmental conditions as the Dane. Additionally, the puppies appear to have some type of skin disorder, most likely mange,” said Carpenter in a statement.

Carpenter said a beagle was also seized.

“This dog is malnourished, not as noticeable as the Dane, but still. It could not wait till the food bowl hit the floor and ate ravenously, appearing to be extremely hungry. This is reported to be the owner’s dog,” said Carpenter in a statement.

According to Carpenter, the initial contact with the owner was done through a microphone and speaker on a surveillance camera.

When the owner arrived to the scene, Carpenter said that he was very belligerent with Deputy Lavilette.

“Deputy Lavilette is orginally from Haiti, sometimes has difficulty understanding certain accents or dialects, especially if through speakers or electronic devices, and if proper enunciation is not used,” said Carpenter in the statement. “That being said, he has always presented an extremely professional image and conduct. He is a by the book guy, so the fact the owner was not arrested on the spot speaks to this as I would not have waited for Vet consultation to determine the nature of the charges that needs to be pressed.”

To view the post made by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, click here.

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