Distracted driving accounts for 8 deaths, 1,000+ injuries every day

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(WIAT) — The dangers of distracted driving don’t stop at texting. Advocates want people to be aware of the dangers of Apps. They worry about the number of drivers playing mobile games like Pokémon Go while they’re behind the wheel.

Laws ban texting and driving in 46 states, but advocates against distracted driving say texting and talking on the phone aren’t the only problems anymore. Their latest concern is Pokémon Go.

A police body-cam captured the moment last month when Baltimore Police say a driver playing Pokémon Go crashed into a parked patrol car.

The game is popular, but it’s not the problem. It’s just the latest app distracting some drivers. Advocates say sometimes it’s Snapchat or Twitter; other times it’s Google Maps, Spotify or YouTube.

In one survey of drivers sponsored by The National Safety Council, 74% of them admitted they would use Facebook while driving; 33% said they would use Instagram while driving.

Whether it’s looking at a phone or eating behind the wheel, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says distracted driving accounts for eight deaths and more than 1,000 injuries every day.

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