Did Ted Cruz spoil Star Wars?

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TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) – Did Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens while speaking to the press Sunday? Watch and see for yourself.

(Warning: If you don’t want a hint or any sort of possible spoiler to Star Wars: The Force Awakens than don’t watch the below clip.)

Final Warning….

Okay if you’re here to watch the clip check out what he says:

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said he went to see the new Star Wars movie with his family Sunday night instead of watching the Democratic debate. A reporter asked what Cruz thought of the new movie.

“Star Wars in awesome!” the senator exclaimed.

Then, he went on to explain that he remembers standing in line to see The Empire Strike Back with his father as a child. Cruz said that he wanted to be Han Solo growing up and that he was “the coolest character in all of cinema.”

The republican president candidate then said to the reporters in the room that he “didn’t want to spoil” the film, but there was a scene that “absolutely scarred him for life.”

He left it at that and went to speak to the hundreds of Alabama residents who packed into the Trussville Civic Center to hear him speak.

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