WINSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — The long road to recovery continues for many Alabamians following Thursday’s devastating and deadly severe weather.

One EF2 tornado barreled through Winston County, leaving several residents with damaged property.

Barry Settlemyre told CBS 42 he physically watched the tornado plow through his property.

Settlemyre said it was incredibly strong, snapping trees and utility poles. He said the tornado even picked up his two-story barn and crushed it.

“We lost everything in our barns and, luckily, we had insurance, but it’s not going to cover everything that we had in there,” Settlemyre said. “We had a lot of pictures and stuff, and so, they’re out there trying to find it, trying to make a cleanup.”

He said family memorabilia will be missed.

“The bedroom suit that they’re throwing up, or I guess it’s already in the trash pile, it was our grandmother’s,” Settlemyre continued.

When the storm rolled in, Dannie Edwards said he helped his mother find shelter. He said the aftermath was frightening.

“I looked out and I saw all the damage, and then it kind of hit me, you know, how close we were to possibly getting hurt or worse,” Edwards said.

Edwards said the people in Winston County are very resilient.

“You just pick up with what you got and do what you can, and everybody picks up, and they help each other,” Edwards said. “And things will get back to normal as much as possible.”

“All this stuff is replaceable, you know,” Settlemyre said. “Might take a while, but it’s replaceable.”

Settlemyre says the damage done and loss of memorable items is sad, but that the most important thing is that no lives were lost or seriously injured.