BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Days after boxer Deontay Wilder partially blamed an elaborate costume on his first career loss to Tyson Fury, the makers of the costume have responded.

For the last couple of years, Wilder has worked with costume designers Cosmo Lombino and Donato Crowley of Cosmo’s Glamsquad to design masks and outfits for the boxer to wear during ring walks before fights. Lombino and Crowley’s first design for the Tuscaloosa-born boxer included a gold crown and mask that debuted during Wilder’s first bout with Fury in 2018.

On Saturday, Wilder debuted a new look from the designers: an all-black suit and cape with a jewel-encrusted crown and eye holes on his mask that glowed red.

“I think this will go down in history,” Lombino told CBS 42 prior to the fight.

However, following his loss to Fury Saturday night, Wilder claimed the suit weighed him down so much that he “didn’t have the legs” to withstand Fury.

“Going up the stairs (into the ring) I knew immediately it was a different change in my body condition,” Wilder told The Associated Press Monday. “After the second round I had no legs, period.”

Cosmo Lombino and Donato Crowley (Photo Courtesy of Paisley Creative)

In response to the recent criticism raised over Wilder’s costume, Lombino and Crowley released the following statement to CBS 42:

“From day one, we have shared Deontay and Telli (Swift)’s vision for ‘The Bronze Bomber.’  We remain excited as-ever to participate in the creative expression this alter-ego affords our client. Deontay and Telli are clear that ‘Cosmo and Donato’ continue to resonate with their growth-strategy for the Bronze Bomber.”

“As the complexity and sophistication of the ‘Bronze Bomber’s’ aesthetic graduates to new heights, we stand by the contributions and exceptional craftsmanship we have brought. Last weekend, the hard work of our entire team – notably, our theatrical division—achieved an unprecedented synergy of cinematic couture and pro-sports. Also unprecedented: The amount of public conversation devoted to each of our collaborations with Deontay and Telli.”

“Deontay Wilder called me at home last night,” Crowley said. “We had an extensive honest conversation that put confusion and rumors to rest. Reiterating that he considers us ‘family,’ Deontay was very clear that he looks forward to future collaborations. The subject of the call then turned to ‘Wilder v Fury III.’ 

Lombino said, “All of us consider it a privilege to contribute to the cultural and professional legacy of the iconic Deontay Wilder. As a fashion organization, I see no greater honor or responsibility that our team could be entrusted with.”  

Wilder has expressed interest in fighting Fury again in a rematch as early as this summer.