Dead and buried cat returns alive to owner’s Florida home

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – It sounds like a scene out of a movie – a cat is hit by a car, buried and then comes back to life.

But this is no movie. This happened to a Tampa man and his beloved family cat, Bart.

“It’s a miracle. All I can think is, ‘it’s a miracle.’ It just wasn’t time for the cat to go,” Ellis Hutson said.

Bart has the heart of a fighter and the strength of a lion. The little guy wasn’t supposed to live, but wasn’t ready to die.

“If this didn’t happen to me, I’d want to hear the story. But this is what i experienced, and this is what happened,” Hutson said.

When people hear the story of Bart the cat it sounds like feline fantasy, something that could never, ever happen, a tall tale. But, sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.

“It had to have been touched by the Lord or something. I can’t explain it. The cat was buried. The cat was dead, and my neighbor brought it back to my house,” Ellis said.

Ellis witnessed what he called a miracle. He says his cat came back from the dead after being hit by a car. “I cried, I was devastated. I couldn’t even bury him. I had to have a friend do it.”PHOTOS: Cat survives after being buried alive

Five days later, something mysterious and magical happened. Ellis says the cat came back to life.

Ellis swears up and down, “It was absolutely dead.  The cat was cold. The cat was stiff, no movement, nothing. The cat was 100 percent dead.”

Turns out, Bart dug his way out of the grave and came crawling back home. Ellis’ neighbor saw him first.

Dusty Albritton told News Channel 8, “There he is, just purring and looking up at me. All dirty. This cat is dead. I know he was dead.”

Ellis added, “I couldn’t believe it. She was standing there with Bart. I said Miss dusty, Bart is dead. Here’s the cat right here!”

The cat was alive alright, but in very bad shape with a broken jaw, a cracked palate and deep wounds. Doctors at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay are helping Bart make a comeback.

“I can’t explain it. So miracles happen … Miracles do happen,” exclaimed Bart.

The Humane Society was able to save Bart’s life with a program they call Save-A-Pet, where people donate to a fund for emergencies just like this one. Bart’s life was saved with the fund and kindness of our community.

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