TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — In just a few weeks, employees at DCH Hospital can expect to get some extra cash in their paychecks.

Starting on April 13, all employees at DCH Health System will receive either a five percent cost of living adjustment or market adjustment, whichever is greater.

Communications director Andy North says it was the right move to make to support 4,000 workers and their dedication for all their hard work during the pandemic. He also says the pay raises are a good way to help recruit new employees.

“Last year we were not able to give a pay increase to our employees due to the financial situation but things have improved some,” North said. “So we felt it was really important to be able to give them an increase to keep us market competitive so we can bring in the staff we need to provide appropriate care.”

Anna Reynolds is a registered nurse at DCH and is absolutely thrilled to get a pay increase.

“Well, it makes a huge difference when groceries are expensive,” Reynolds said. “It makes the pay more competitive than what most hospitals would offer so it’s making a huge difference and I think we will be able to recruit a lot of good nurses.”

Employees can expect to see the pay increase kick in three weeks from now.