BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As a heat wave makes its way through central Alabama, the hot temperatures can cause the inside of a car to peek at an extremely high temperature.

CBS 42 demonstrated just how high that temperature can get using a thermometer. After letting it sit inside of a car for 30 minutes, the thermometer reached 120 degrees.

With a temperature that high, officials are urging people to be cautious, warning people to not leave children or pets unattended.

“It’s just really sad that we still have individuals that don’t understand the risks of leaving anything alive in a car,” said Allison Black Cornelius, the Chief Executive Officer of the Birmingham Greater Humane Society.

Cornelius said the humane society responded to a call about three dogs in distress locked inside of a car Tuesday night. Soon after they were rescued, they died due to heat stroke.

“It’s the exact same thing that we see when we see children die in these situations. [Dogs] can’t cool themselves down,” Cornelius said.

That does not only apply to dogs, as a number of people have called on first responders amid this week’s heat wave.

“A lot of times our calls are a person that has been out in the heat for a while. Whether it’s working, walking just for a short time. People don’t realize that you can get overheated in a short amount of time,” Lt. Catina Williams with Birmingham Fire and Rescue said.

Lt. Williams said when crews respond to those calls, they immediately place them in a cool environment and slowly ease them into drinking cool water.

When it comes to ways to avoid a heat stroke or passing out, hydration is a major solution.

“We always want people, during this time of the year. August hottest part of the year to be proactive and intentional in your water consumption,” Lt. Williams said.