CORDOVA, Ala. (WIAT) — The long road to recovery is just starting in Kentucky following this weekend’s deadly tornado outbreak. For many, it takes years and in some cases decades. But, it’s something many smaller communities like Cordova know all too well.

Downtown Cordova looks very different from the iconic scene many remember prior to 2011. For many, seeing the devastation in Kentucky brings back a lot of memories from April 27, 2011. Deadly tornadoes ripped through central Alabama, and in Cordova, that destruction can still be felt nearly 11 years later. That will be the case for many smaller cities in Kentucky that don’t have the resources bigger areas have when faced with a natural diester.

Former Cordova Mayor Drew Gilbert said in these situations smaller communities have to focus on necessities.

“In smaller cities like Cordova, you’ve got to prioritize. What do we need you know?” Gilbert said. “We need to get emergency services back online. It’s literally putting the essentials of life back online. It took four or five years to get back in a city like Cordova.”

Gilbert said the city lost roughly over 20 buildings. In the last 10 years, Cordova has been able to rebuild three, which includes essentials like the police station, fire station and a grocery store.

While some of these Kentucky towns may never fully recovery to what they were before, Gilbert said the heart of the community, the people, are things that can never be taken away.