Cordova police seek help solving rash of car burglaries, toothbrush among stolen items

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CORDOVA, Ala. (WIAT) — Following a series of car break-ins in the Benchfield area, police took to social media to solicit help from the community to solve the crimes.

In a recent Facebook post, Cordova police urged residents with information to call the police department or send a direct message to their social media page. Tipsters can remain anonymous and could receive a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest. 

According to the Facebook page for Cordova Public Safety, stolen items include a Michael Kors purse, a Sig Sauer 9mm handgun and a toothbrush. A photo of a burglarized car was also shared on the page, showing the driver’s side window was broken out.

One post read: “If anyone is approached by someone trying to sell an item that you think might be one of these stolen items (including a used toothbrush), please contact the Cordova Police Department at (205) 483-7378.”

Below is the first post from Cordova Public Safety detailing the incidents, dated Nov. 30:

“Early this morning, some residents in the Benchfield area woke to find their vehicles vandalized and broken into. Feel free to share this post to help us find those responsible. Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call the Cordova Police Department at 205.483.7378, or send a direct message to this page. We will NEVER share your information with anyone, you’ll always remain anonymous.

While this type of incident isn’t frequent in Cordova, it’s a reminder that crime does exist (especially around the Holidays) and precautions should be taken when possible. Here’s a few tips to help deter criminal activity:

1. Lock your car doors anytime you aren’t in the vehicle. Thieves generally take the path of least resistance, and a locked door can be a discouragement to someone up to no good.

2. Try not to leave anything in plain view that thieves might find valuable. Phones, electronics, game consoles, and especially purses. Even an empty purse seen through a window can encourage a criminal to try to steal.

3. Take advantage of outdoor lighting. Leave a porch light on at night if possible. Many crimes occur under the cover of darkness.

4. If you see something, say something. Never be afraid to call the police department if you see a suspicious vehicle or person perusing the neighborhood. Many times someone will have a legitimate reason for being in the neighborhood, but last night’s events are proof that not everyone has good intentions. All reports of suspicious activity will be taken seriously and investigated.

Let’s all look out for one another and have the safest and enjoyable Holiday season!”

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